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Logo Design

A logo design should not only be the foundation of your business brand but also a source of daily inspiration. It’s a unique ‘signature’ forming the beginning growth of your overall visual brand. It should instil pride in your business or project, appeal to your target market and set you apart from your competitors. A logo design is the first point of visual contact that motivates customers to do business with you.

Reliable Fruit business card designReliable Fruit Corporate Logo Design and Business Branding, Prahran Market

Business Branding

Tell your story with a fabulous brand suite that is consistent and memorable. We will work with you to ensure that all visual touch points of your brand carry the same messages and create a powerful and collaborative business branding suite. From your business card through to your packaging, brochuring, signage and digital presence, your customers should be able to clearly identify your business and it’s brand value.

Hand lettering for business branding, logo design, packaging work Melbourne

Brand Storytelling

We aim to weave the visual and written elements of your brand together to tell your product or business story with engaging copy. Businesses have stories – their products, their brand values, their staff, their beginnings and their journey to now. Our copywriting harnesses all that is special about your brand and wraps it up in a unique brand story, setting it apart from its competitors and honouring it’s value.

Hand lettering

Hand Lettering

Hand lettering is the art of drawing type by hand. It can provide commercial design work with an authentic and unique feel. Hand lettering can be a stunning addition to a brand with its fun and inspired feel, carrying a design into an authentic, vintage space that is completely original. Imageffect offers the skills of hand lettering for logo design, business branding, packaging and promotional work.

Packaging Design

Packaging and Promotions

Brand development extends into ALL your marketing collateral, including packaging and promotional material. From label design to point of sale, being consistent to your original logo design and your brand values is important to create a memorable and recognisable product. We would love to work with you and get to know your product so it connects successfully with your target market.

Bambaleros Signage

Signage Design

Flags, banners and corporate business signage – shout your brand from the rooftops with great signage design. Imageffect has produced signage systems for a range of businesses, including traders associations in Melbourne and reception and location signage for corporate and retail spaces. Signage has the potential to create enormous impact so it’s important it leaves a memorable impression.