UI, UX, web design, what’s the difference?

UI, UX web design, what's the difference?

With the speedy development of digital firms and the idea of producing a ‘digital strategy’ for clients rather than what used to be ‘just a website’ new design roles have emerged. Roles such as a User Interface (UI) designer, a User Experience (UX) designer, and a visual designer.

Within a digital space my area of expertise falls into the category of visual design with some natural crossover into UI design. Working with digital agencies, IT & software development firms I am responsible for the following…

  1. Client Briefing
  2. Project Management & Liason
  3. UI Design
  4. Wireframes and Storyboards
  5. Visual Design
  6. Developer Liason

UX design can be fundamental to a successful digital strategy, but is a specific skill set with  foundations based in research and psychology. Look out for a guest blog from a colleague who works as a UX consultant that will help shed light onto this growing profession.

In the meantime, I came across a great article from Fast Company recently which outlines the above mentioned roles with easy to understand explanations. Take a look

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