Travelling : My top 10’s.


Can I just say that travelling is one of the BEST things you can do for yourself. Getting out of the day-to-day grind, pushing yourself, adventures, mistakes, laughs, inspiration and fun.

I’ve just spend a little over a month staying in 11 Air B&B’s and traversing with my backpack and in ‘trains, planes and automobiles’ across 5 different countries. It was epic and I loved every minute of it. 

On leaving each country I compiled a Top 10 list – not a serious… ‘Thou shalt go to the Vatican when in Rome…’ list, but a humorous bunch of day-to-day observations that ‘mostly’ made me laugh. Before I share each list with you feel free to visit my Instagram @Imageffect where there are some speccy stories highlighted under ‘Travel 1′ and Travel 2’.

Onwards with my top tens!


Italy Top 10

  1. Your Espresso rocks, especially when standing with a bunch of your compatriots at a marble counter for a shot.
  2. I am very good at massacring the pronunciation of your cities names. It sounds so much better when you say it!
  3. I love your countryside the best, take me back to the Cinque Terra!
  4. I don’t like your crazy driving.
  5. You are so ooooollllldddd and therefore like a good cheese you’ve matured and your history is incredible.
  6. I love your pesto Gnocci so much I ate four serves in a row.
  7. No day is complete without a gelato.
  8. You are a wine connoisseur.
  9. I love the freshly squeezed orange juice available at even the shittiest of delis.
  10. You are so friendly and make everyone feel like they’re dropping in to Mamas for a bowl of pasta!


Ireland Top 10

  1. Stereotypical Irish farmers actually do exist. But rather than puffing on a pipe they’re vaping! WTF?
  2. Tractors and sheep are part of the traffic. Horses are sometimes tethered on a square of city grass.
  3. Gumboots are a fashion statement, especially when wearing muddy trackie dacks.
  4. Sometimes it feels like fields are so green they’ve been spray painted.
  5. The best conversations are with the locals… the waiter or the old man sitting next to you in a cafe taking himself out for his Sunday lunch.
  6. You are proud of yourself and hold many rich and interesting stories.
  7. County Wicklow has been my favourite part of this trip.
  8. Your landscape evokes so many memories and feelings that must rest deep, deep in my DNA.
  9. One day I will hike your mountains.
  10. I wish I had more time with you.


London Top 10

  1. Men wear nice shoes.
  2. The only animals you’ll see are squirrels, fat pigeons and spoilt dogs.
  3. The Tube is awesome even if at first it feels like you’re trying to work out a foreign language.
  4. I love your ‘culture pockets’, your different boroughs and towns. 
  5. I love that you dig vegans.
  6. Your gardens are delicious.
  7. Everywhere I look I romanticize and pretend I’m on a film set.
  8. I can’t stop imitating your accents.
  9. I love that every night I’ve walked from the station through an ancient graveyard back to our Air B&B with the locals.
  10. I look forward to visiting you again when you’re not raining on me.

France Top 10

  1. Ladies like to jog so they can all fit into their sexy leather pants. It’s a thing here. Voilà!
  2. I’ve eaten so much bread I resemble a baguette… skinny top and bottom, chubby in the middle.
  3. You don’t like vegans.
  4. You have a penchant for fluffy Pomeranians (this isn’t a complaint).
  5. I love your countryside.
  6. You are easy to get drunk with.
  7. I love your inspirarional creativity and your artistic history.
  8. Montmartre is my favorite part of Paris.
  9. I could listen to you speak all day. 
  10. I feel so happy in your quaint villages riding a bike.

Thanks to those who followed along on my journey, looking forward to many more!



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