The love of a Russian.

The love of a Russian, decorative cup

So 13 years ago I married a true Ruski. Well that’s what he told me… that he was from Russia, the former USSR. You know, behind the iron curtain and all that.

Then I realised (probably at the same time he did) that he was actually from the Ukraine, which was originally part of the former USSR and known as Russia (or White Russia, Belarus) when hubbie left. If he’d been born before the second world war he would have actually been Polish. Confusing huh!??? So to make this post easier I’m just going to refer to everything from that ‘area’ as ‘Russian’ otherwise I’ll just go round in circles, and I won’t be dancing!

I’ve digressed. What I want to say is this little Aussie princess not only fell in love with my beautiful husband – the strong jaw, the broad shoulders the milky skin and slavic blue eyes, I also fell in love with anything to do with Russian pattern design and folk art. I love, love, love the colour, decoration and detail.

The love of a Russian, floral patterns

Russian floral pattern design.

The love of a Russian, decorative cup Russian antique enamel cup and saucer.

Russian porcelain cup and saucer.

The love of a Russian, decorative tray

Russian decorative tray.

My in-laws bought me a spangly new cutlery set not long after we got married but I coveted the old forks and knives they’d bought with them from the old country, still stamped with the communist price tag. Heavy, solid… with stories to tell. I still want them but to no avail. Sometimes my father in law pulls out a saucepan or a dish and I’ll say ‘where did that come from’ and they’ll smile and say… ‘It come from Russia… now, eat!!!’.

The love of a Russian, floral patterns

Russian folk floral pattern.

I hope this blog post shows you some of the beauty of Russian decorative art and that you too can see it’s attraction too.



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