Show off: 4 Logo Design & Branding Jobs for 2019.

Logo Design 2019

Nature inspires the soul, invigorates the spirit and broadens the mind, opening one’s imagination to a world of creativity and adventure! And so, nature’s inspirations bring about the creation of these four logo designs which embody nature’s earth, water and sky, laying the foundation stones for successful business branding.

Here we touch on some of the creative thought behind the brand identity itself and how it relates to the overall brand objectives.

Amber Mountain, Corporate Logo Design | Stationery Design | Business Card Design | Website Design

1: Amber Mountain

This icon begins with a heart shape that extends into a gum leaf and represents, that with support, love and care anything can grow. The leaf, deliberately points upwards reflecting hope and a new future.

We’ve chosen a colour wheel that includes rusty amber colours in conjunction with colours that reflect the Australian bush. The logo layout itself creates a mountain shape which is a nice touch.

Overall the logo is fresh, approachable and professional. It sets the tone for a business that is at the forefront of trauma education, management and recovery for vulnerable children and young people.

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Forest Therapy - Logo Design

2: Forest Therapy

The items within this logo design sit around the edge of a circular shape and include Australian bush icons such as wattle, sticks, eucalyptus blossom, gum nuts, stones and leaves.

The circular formation indicates a ‘collection’ of items placed and held within a shape rather than just scattered across it. In this way, there is a balanced feel which helps reflect a participant’s feelings after experiencing forest therapy – relaxed, balanced and grateful.

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Soul Charters | Corporate Logo Design | Business Branding | Stationery Design | Business Card Design

3: Soul Charters

Inspired by both the expansive nature of the ocean and its constraint, the Soul Charters logo represents the idea of being held within a space as the shell flows beautifully within the arch shape. This flow demonstrates soulful growth and calm, emotional development – like the soft movement of water on top of a calm sea.

There is a graceful feel to this concept and a direct heralding of the sea by featuring the beautiful shell.

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Selvática - Logo Design

4: Selvática

Selvática, translated to English means ‘woodland, forest and wild’. And so we’ve used a strong font to represent the boldness of a woodland, and plants to capture the beauty of the forest. The addition of a ‘shelf-like’ graphic underneath the name shows a range of plant species hanging from it. These represent a ‘rich, indoor plant jungle’.

This concept is a fresh take on a traditional coffee oriented café and shows off the plant species and the unique points of difference represented in this new hospitality business.

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Just a small taste of the work Imageffect has been honoured to work on this year. There is so much creativity sprouting from the studio right now we would love to hear how we can impart some of that to you.

Please reach out if you’ve been thinking about creating a beautiful brand for your business that really talks to your target market, outlines your points of difference and instills a sense of pride each time you connect with it.


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