Savannah Rose finds its feet with a logo design.

Savannah Rose Corporate Logo Design

I just finished this vintage inspired logo design for a personal project.

Feel the crisp air in the hollow, the quiet energy of the hills, the sound of two lonesome voices, their harmonies in soulful unison…

We’re Savannah Rose, a female duo with a penchant for olde time country, bluegrass ballads and I’m one of the roses!

I’m just loving performing with my colleague and friend Suzanne Diprose. Suzanne runs her own business too, Performance Advantage and is such a ball of energy I’m constantly running after her trying to keep up! She’s been responsible for organising gigs for us all over the place as well as showcase evenings where Savannah Rose hosts other musicians as well as performing too. Suzanne has already written us a strategic plan and I’m on board with all the branding, so we’re a great team! This November we’ll be playing at the Bendigo Blues and Roots Festival which is a massive ‘big tick’ for such a new musical enterprise!

Here we are at our ‘Women in Song’ gig.


This is our meme design. Love creating these!

Savannah Rose Country Bluegrass

A gig poster for our second showcase night!

Savannah Rose Country Bluegrass

Recent performances for Savannah Rose include the highly successful Women in Song event sponsored by the City of Knox, 3MDR local radio, several fundraising events, Leggacy Sessions, The Basin Community House, Upwey RSL and various open mic events. Whoop!

‘Women in Song’ is a performance of songs selected for their depiction of attitudes towards women and includes a range of well known classics. These songs are explored for their core message, context and relevance to contemporary society and gender equality.

Mucho excitement peeps! Watch this space!

2 thoughts on “Savannah Rose finds its feet with a logo design.”

  1. Suzanne
     ·  Reply

    Wow. This is simply gorgeous! I sure am lucky with having such a talented music partner who can not only sing beautifully but can design these gorgeous designs for logos, posters, webpages, memes – anything we need creatively!
    Your work has such clean, elegant and engaging lines to it. Plus you take the time to ensure that the true nature of the client is captured and on display for all to see. Love it!

  2. Bree Cleal
     ·  Reply

    Hey! Loved writing this post! LOL. Lot’s of fun to be had lady!!!

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