Standing tall like Richard Branson.

Standing tall like Richard Branson.

Do you ever second guess yourself before hitting the ‘send’ button on a quote? Or do you just fire away your latest proposal, supremely confident that you will win the job? If I’m honest, I think I sit somewhere in the middle. Sometimes I feel like Richard Branson, tall and confident, and, sometimes I feel like Annie MacDuggan, the character Diane Keaton played with neurotic accuracy in that 90’s film, First Wives Club. Remember her?

As a creative entrepreneur I must be clear on what my strengths are. What is it I can offer my clients? How good is my work, really? How hard do I work to achieve a fabulous outcome for my clients? What’s my track record? All these questions, if honestly answered frame how I feel about pressing the send button. I’m sure some of them will relate to you as well.

So, in answer to them…

What is it I offer my clients?
I offer them the opportunity to work with a designer one-on-one. A designer who has over 17 years experience. A designer who is passionate about what she does. A designer who considers every project a folio piece to show off. A designer who only wants to do great work. Work that ultimately helps her clients shine!

Thank you for steering our business in the right direction, by establishing a company logo which we are very happy with. In the beginning your enthusiasm and ideas made us feel at ease right to the end, professionalism made it a pleasure for us to deal with you.
Anthony Angarano, Owner
Reliable Fruit Prahran Market

How good is my work, really?
My work has a distinctive style, it’s clean and contemporary and utilises colour for a pow, pow effect. I also enjoy the art of hand lettering too so I’m versatile. Some of my clients are still using logo and business branding I created for them almost 10 years ago and it still garners positive comments and brand awareness for their business. As it should. The designs I create are not just a ‘flash in the pan’, I don’t just chuck them together in five minutes. They’re carefully considered and created to stand the test of time.

We initially engaged Bree Cleal of Imageffect to develop our company logo and from there we continued designing further marketing material – signage, packaging labels and a website. From the first meeting I had total confidence in Bree’s ability and professionalism. In designing our logo Bree encapsulated exactly what we wanted which was to develop a Latin theme which would not only compliment our cafe but also enable us to move forward branding our product, coffee beans. We are extremely happy with the end result and believe that our business benefited immediately from a logo and signage which looks brilliant. One customer who lives in the same street even said  “I never noticed you before, are you new?” I would highly recommend Bree to anyone who wants to move ahead with developing their business.
Louise Casteneda, Owner
Bambaleros – Coffees of the World

How hard do I work to achieve a fabulous outcome for our clients?
Really, really hard. When you work with me I think about you all the time. Not in a stalker kind of way, that would be weird. No. I just think about your project and how I can create something that answers your brief effectively. I think about this until I have something that I know hits the mark otherwise I keep on thinking.

Bree worked with us with good humour and patience. I was impressed by her ability to read our minds and yet still be firm about what was good design and what was not. She had fresh ideas and we ended up with something that was a stand-out. Bree is a pleasure to do business with. And she was always smiling!
Ian Harris, Partner
B+I Lockwood Accountants

What’s my track record?
I’ve been working for myself for 10 years. That’s a long time to do your own thing and make it work. I know I’m definitely doing something right.

Bree is fantastic to work with. Her designs are quirky and individual. I have had so many great comments about my logo and branding. Thanks you Bree, my new image is helping to throw out the old and bring in the new for this year!
Anna-Louise Allen, Managing Director
ALG Consulting

So tell me about your strengths. What is it that you offer your clients and how do you handle the proposal process? I’d love to hear your feedback.

By the way, Richard Branson rocks.




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