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Public Speaker | ImageffectLosing My Husband, Finding Myself’.
My Story of Resilience.

Bree Cleal is a graphic designer, a business woman, a mother and now, even though she hates the word… a widow.

15 years ago she started her design studio Imageffect. A young wife in the flush of new motherhood with dreams of a ‘white picket fence’ life – a happy marriage, a husband who would look after her and a creative life allowing for travel and adventure. Her dreams were shattered in 2009 when her husband was diagnosed with Brain Cancer.

Speaking Topics:

  • ‘Conscious Resilience’ and what it means.
  • Self-care and why it’s important to ask for help.
  • The importance of implementing boundaries.
  • The art of gratefulness.

Bree will provide a moving story following the last decade of her life, from her husband’s diagnosis to his subsequent death in 2017 and what those years, up until now have looked like for her as a sole bread winner, wife, carer, mother and business woman. It will provide the audience with some useful personal and professional take aways and engage with them through humour and story telling. Most importantly, it will outline what resilience means to her and how she implemented strategies she continues to live by now to ensure she moves forward positively, despite the challenges life presents.

Praise for Bree:

You really are inspirational and I feel your story needs to go further and wider as there are so many people who will not only touched by your honesty and vulnerability, but will encourage positive change in people, mindset shifts and basically getting off their arses to take control of what they can control… You are a natural because you just concentrate on being yourself! That is awesome and inspiring! ~ Christian Arsenis, Evimero Finance

I caught up on your talk finally online. Wow, what a beautiful presence you are. And so authentic. You have such a lovely way with words which gives so much to others. I think you provide hope and inspiration for others and seemingly yourself. ~ Jenie Stroh, Integrity Health

Thank you for speaking at Women on The Go for the Yarra Ranges Council in June and for sharing your story of resilience with over 100 women in business. Congratulations on a great presentation which was heartfelt, informative, riveting & thought provoking. The theme of our event was resilience which you succinctly covered as you led us through your business journey and its continuance during turbulence & tragedy. We would most definitely recommend you for other speaking opportunities as an inspiring and “real” business speaker. ~ Sujayne Downie, Economic Development & Investment, Shire of Yarra Ranges

Amazing Bree! What a journey. You are a legend and a tower of strength. So many can learn from your wise words. Also luv the green glasses! ~ Troy Reilly, The Piano Tuna

Thank you for your vulnerability and your generosity. I was totally engrossed through the whole thing. You were brilliant. ~ Rebecca Gillard, Petite Marguerite Design

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