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We are unique. We are clever. We have a sense of humour and we love Dolly Parton.

Our logo was designed originally in 2012. At that time, it answered the brief which was to carry a corporate, professional edge. It also honoured the original ‘leaf motif’ created at the inception of Imageffect, reflecting the location of the studio, in and around nature pockets.

It was a good logo design. Clean and effective. It’s been the studio’s brand identity for almost 8 years, but it’s interesting to look back on those years and think about how we’ve grown both as people and as a studio…

Our ‘growing list’ is as follows:

  1. We’ve grown from just one designer to a team of three, led by Bree.
  2. Our area of expertise is firmly placed in logo design, branding and packaging design.
  3. Our branding work is rooted in strategy – the what, the why and the where of your product or business. We think about how can we best position it’s very valuable offering?
  4. We love story telling and connecting with your target market via a brand story which harnesses the essence of you, your product or your business.
  5. As a studio really like to hone in on your ‘points of difference’ and what specifically we can use within your brand story to highlight these differences against your competitors.
  6. We like to make a statement, ‘being different and standing out’ is a catchphrase and something we focus all our brand strategy on. As Judy Garland once said ‘Be yourself, darling. Everyone else is taken’.
  7. We’re very colourful and just a tad quirky.
  8. We often use skills in hand lettering to create original and unique, type based, brand marks.
  9. Our clients’ have fun when they work with Imageffect.
  10. Jokes are part of the vernacular and we hope you get a giggle throughout our process.
  11. Dolly Parton is our mascot. And we talk about her. Alot.
  12. We’re is easy to work with, super efficient, friendly and creative!

Looking at this list I can see that, while still keeping a professional framework around our client work, Imageffect has landed in a more authentic space and as a studio, we relish our easy communication style and ability to extract the right information from our clients so that their brand story, logo design and overall visual branding is something they can confidently stand behind with big smiles!

Imageffect | Logo Design, Brand Identity, Branding Imageffect | Logo Design, Brand Identity, BrandingImageffect | Logo Design, Brand Identity, BrandingI chose to create a hand lettered, type based logo design where the type easily flows from one point to another reflecting our working relationships with clients which span many years. From the inception of an idea, the brand strategy behind that idea, the development of a product of business logo design and then the consistent and relevant touch points of a brand roll-out – business stationery, packaging design, signage, print and promotional material, website design… the list goes on!

The type deliberately flows with flexibility, up and down, reflecting the studios ability to change and customise design work according to a client’s specific needs. No one client is the same.

Imageffect | Logo Design, Brand Identity, BrandingHand lettered type has a quirky, authentic ‘real’ feel and it’s not only a specialised skill Imageffect offers, it’s exactly what our brand represents. We’re real. We don’t do ‘bull**it’. We are unique. We are clever. We do relish our sense of humour and we do love Dolly Parton.

We’re looking forward to an awesome 2020!

I’d love to heat what you think of our new logo design and brand identity.

Bree x

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