Logo design. What makes you stand out from your competitors?

Corporate Logo Design

This week I’m launching a range of mini-videos that touch on a few important parts of my logo design process. I hope you enjoy them over the coming weeks!

The first video discusses how logo design fits into your visual brand presence and how important it is to know what makes your business stand out from your competitors.

Consider your logo as your ‘brand signature’, it’s the foundation stone of your visual brand and sets the design tone through style, colour and feel. It is a powerful visual element that can make or break your business brand.

During my logo design briefing process I consider points like:

  • What is it that sets your business apart from its competitors?
  • What does your business do differently?
  • How is your service or product special in comparison to your competitors?

It’s these answers that influence the direction your logo design and anything related to your visual brand should take, such as business stationery, promotional material, and packaging… the list goes on!

Don’t be scared to be different! Harness what makes you and your business unique and present it in a way that ensures you stand out from the crowd and make a statement!

That’s my aim and always at the forefront of my mind when creating a logo design.

See you next time!

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