Taking the ‘Long Way Round’ in business.

Taking the 'Long Way Round' in business.

I’ve just been watching ‘Long Way Round’, the TV series starring Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman as they motorcycle across Europe and America. They say they’re going to motorcycle ‘around the world’ but considering they have left out Australia and a plethora of other countries I like to say they motorcycled over ‘two continents’. That’s no mean feat by the way.

The reason I’m talking about this is because the similarities of their journey together, ‘their ups, downs, achievements and failures’ are so similar to the experiences I have had in business. I’m sure many of you have had, and/or are experiencing these peaks and troughs and THAT’s what I want to muse about.

As Mr McGregor struggles to ride his bike, dropping it multiple times over some fairly awful roads (could they even be called that?) in Mongolia, he is surrounded only by a bleak landscape, his riding partner and a cameraman who are having as much trouble as him. You’d swear that at any minute the Scottish lad would chuck in his Kilt and go back to Hollywood. But that’s the point, he doesn’t. At the end of the day he is elated that he survived the torturous conditions and made it to his next camping spot amongst yet another heard of goats. I won’t go into what they ate for dinner, but ‘goats nut stew’ wasn’t popular!

It’s the same in business. How many times have you thought about giving up? Chucking the towel in and finding something else to do? Because it all felt too hard, too overwhelming, too difficult.

If I’m honest, there have been times over the last 10 years working as Imageffect that I have felt this way. It may have been the loss of a major client for reasons I haven’t been able to control or some extraneous personal situation that has taken my focus away from work. But, I’ve never chucked my skirt in. I’ve picked myself up, just like Mr McGregor and Mr Boorman did and I’ve carried on. Always another opportunity has presented itself, always something new and exciting has appeared. You know the old saying ‘one door closes, another one opens’? Well, it’s true.

If you haven’t seen ‘Long Way Round’, made in 2005 when I was in the midst of babyhood (which would explain my viewing it almost a decade later) it is a great series. The episodes in Eastern Russia kept you on the edge of your seat as the boys joined their support crew to cross uncrossable rivers on the Road of Bones. I found the Russian truck drivers and aids with their thick accents and arguments as to who knew the best way through the river current hysterical but my point is, none of them would have made it through the conditions they were presented with if they hadn’t worked together as part of a team.

This is yet another way to see business in parallel. Working for yourself can be a lonely and isolating place. It’s so important to be part of something bigger than you… a networking group, a business hub, a mastermind group or just great suppliers and business colleagues to talk shop with. Like I have done many times, and I thank you all.

Watch the ‘Long Way Round’ – if you find it odd that I found a Russian accent hysterical it’s because I’m married to one and the idiosyncrasies are all too familiar)!

Da svidanya.

4 thoughts on “Taking the ‘Long Way Round’ in business.”

  1. Ruth
     ·  Reply

    Great post Bree! I’m sure there are lots of business owners who resonate with the experiences you highlight in your post. Good on you girl for NOT chucking in the towel! (or whipping off your skirt…) Long Way Round is a great DVD – love Ewan McGregor xx

    • Bree Cleal
       ·  Reply

      Thank you!!! Yes, I can say I’m a wee bit partial to Mr McGregor as well!

  2. KP
     ·  Reply

    It’s a great series Bree, made me appreciate the essence of life and a friendship/partnership like Ewan and Charlies.

    • Bree Cleal
       ·  Reply

      They’re amazing aren’t they – so inspired by their journey and the fact that they didn’t loose it at one another! Great friends.

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