Logo design for Mr Fox and friends.

Digital Fox, Corporate Logo Design

In 2016 I created a new logo design and brand signature for Digital Fox, a content marketing team who produce, publish and amplify awesome content. Digital Fox set about on a mission to give talented younger people a platform to get experience in media, publishing, marketing, writing, video production and content development… and they haven’t looked back. You can check them out here

The original logo design features the face of a fox as a strong and contemporary icon. This is a powerful and memorable mark that can be used independently of the name to carry the brand across other design applications.

The style of the overall icon is professional and slick, placing the brand in a serious, intelligent and inspiring space.

In 2017 Imageffect created four new icons to brand feed other areas of Digital Fox. The same style used in the original illustrated fox icon for the  logo design was also used to create these, to ensure visual consistency across all facets of the brand.

Digital Fox, Corporate Logo Design
Digital Fox, Corporate Logo Design
A fun project to work on! Looking forward to hearing more from these guys!

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