Ken Done. Huge admiration and a worthwhile read.

Ken Done, A Life Coloured In

Want a good book? Interested in Australian Art and the memories of the heady Ken Done days of the 80’s?

I’ve just read ‘Ken Done, A Life Coloured In’ and while at times, it was a little arrogant – I think that comes with the generation, (my Dad is the same) you certainly get a great insight into Done’s life. Growing up in the country and then Sydney in a ‘comfortable home’, heading to art college, the heady days of London advertising in the 60’s and then all those boozy lunches back in Australia when Art Directors and Designers had the privilege NOT to work. Budgets were huge, sexism was rife, John Singleton ruled and the VB flowed. What can I say? Just go with it.

My most favourite part of the book was Done’s movement from Art Director to business owner, creator and life force behind some seriously successful fashion and product merchandise. And while I look at him with such admiration (and a small seed of jealously) he did make mistakes, he was burnt and he did rise again. And still does.

This is definitely a worthwhile and ‘colourful’ read. I even had mine signed.

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