Juggling design and motherhood.

Juggling design and motherhood.

How do we do it? How do we juggle all the balls of life and make sure they don’t drop?

I am often challenged just fitting in my work as a designer! Fulfilling my clients needs, keeping up with a blog, networking, using social media and keeping my passion for design and my business alive and well. It’s a lot to fit in but let’s not forget I’m also a mum, a step-mum and a wife so I’ve got all my boxes well and truly full.

It’s very important to me that I work. I am not built to be a clichéd ‘school mum’. I love to create and I love my job as a designer. It’s varied, exciting and filled with lots of wonderful people who provide me with the opportunity to work on some great projects. It’s part of who I am and it always will be. I’m going to be a granny with a Mac, you watch me!

Wanting to be everything to everyone is a hard role to fulfill and to alleviate my juggling fiasco’s I remember the advice of the fashion designer Carla Zampatti who said, when you’re a Mum you’re a Mum and when you’re a designer you’re a designer. The two don’t mix. They need to be separate so that each one is given the attention it deserves. That means that I stop work at the end of the day and ‘don my pinny’ for my ‘Mum’ role. Well, not really, I don’t wear a ‘pinny’ as such, but let’s use it as a creative metaphor. I then do all the things a Mum does and return to my graphic designer role either late at night when buggerlugs is asleep or I leave it until the next day.

One of the best things I’ve done is structure my working week. Each hour and every minute is accounted for in a weekly planner so I don’t forget what I’m supposed to be doing at any given time and I stay clear and focused. It works really well. I break up my time to include a mix of  social media, new business creation, admin and the all important concept and design work that takes up the majority of my time and is a joy to immerse myself in.

Design rocks but so does my little girl. Very much. I love being a Mum and I love being a designer but to do both really well I need to keep them separate and appreciate each role when I’m available to fill it. That works for me.

What works for you? I’d love to know how other working mummies juggle their roles in business and in life? Do you have any golden recommendations on how you manage your time and keep your balls in the air?

Until next time, I shall continue to practice my juggling.


6 thoughts on “Juggling design and motherhood.”

  1. Lorna
     ·  Reply

    I think you are amazing! I love this picture. As a mum to 2 girls it is busy! What I have really focused on it that time does not stand still. They grow up way too fast. So as a result the time we do have together I make sure I am focused on them and engaged.

    • Bree Cleal
       ·  Reply

      Thanks Lorna. Good advice. Yes they grow up way too fast, it feels like only yesterday they were born! As working mums we should also remember our ability to set a great example to our daughters that motherhood doesn’t stop career achievement. You go girl!

  2. Eleana
     ·  Reply

    Nice article Bree!
    I think what you’ve said is very true. Wear each hat, and be present and dedicated in that role while you have that hat on.
    Love your site and work.

    • Bree Cleal
       ·  Reply

      Thanks for the comment Eleana and your kind words.

     ·  Reply

    I am hovering here for advice from others. With three kids (one a toddler) and a business (laptop work from my lounge room), I struggle big time. I think setting times for each activity (work-home-kids) might work better. It’s then about discipline…hhhmmm…. Love to hear other time management ideas!

    • Bree Cleal
       ·  Reply

      Thanks for your comment Rachel. I think ‘discipline’ is a key word here. Work out what you need to be doing each hour of the day and try to stick to it.

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