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Over the last week, I’ve been wracking my brains to work out how best I can help my clients with their business branding during this time. Head down, pulling my hair out as yet another hideous piece of news in unleashed on the world. At times, I’ve had trouble concentrating and working out a positive way forward. And those that know me, know this is rare. I’m totally a ‘glass half full’ kinda gal!

And then I wondered… if I’ve felt paralysed by fear and worry, I’m sure some of my clients have felt this way too. Sometimes it’s not easy to put one foot in front of the other or to work out exactly what to say to people in a tremendously difficult situation.

I made this video in January when we weren’t all socially isolating. When life felt happier and we weren’t faced with, what at times has felt like ‘impending doom’. It feels very cheery in its presentation, I wondered if I should even just shelve it. But no, I still believe that providing authentic, honest and helpful communication during a crisis is the best way to go. You only have to look at pages like ‘The Kindness Pandemic’ on Facebook to know the power of a good story.

So what’s your business branding story now? I think the three tips I mention in the video are still relevant. However I have added point 4, the most important point right now.

  1. Talk about your history as a business. Did you start in a crappy shed at the back of your parents house like Steve Jobs did? TALK about it. Don’t be afraid to celebrate where you’ve come from, where you’ve got to or where you’re going. Even in a crisis.
  2. How do you use your product or service? What’s it good for? What does it solve? Can you represent this in a way that’s interesting… perhaps includes humour? Everyone needs a laugh!
  3. Add a surprise. Something unexpected. Something memorable. Can you connect with something or someone that can help you stand out? I shamelessly plug Dolly Parton… I just wish she’d notice!
  4. BE considerate of the situation we all face. Right now, empathy is key.

I am offering complimentary strategy sessions on-line to help brainstorm how best to relate your Brand Storytelling over this challenging time. It doesn’t matter what size business you are, I’d like to offer my help.

These sessions will help provide you with clarity moving forward. Giving you a business branding message to anchor your communication in – be it on your Social Media Channels, Website, or Email Marketing and correspondence.

We can also organise a selection of Social Media content posts with accompanying images to help tell the key points of this story and maintain the engagement of your audience over the coming months.

The absolute worst thing you can do in business at the moment is to stop communicating and disappear in a fog of worry and fear.

Businesses who continue to promote (with empathy) during this crisis, will stay front of mind when all this passes. Those that don’t, won’t.

Please reach out if you’d like to chat to me. 

Bree x

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