Finding yourself in a portrait.

Self Portrait by Peter Delahenty

In June this year I spent 10 days looking after the studio and home of local artist Peter Delahenty and his partner Deborah Perry in Olinda. What I enjoyed most about my house sitting break was a Chihuahua called Bindi, one-on-one time with my daughter, returning home to a cosy wooden cottage in a cold Olinda winter and the smell of Peter’s studio downstairs – oil paints, turpentine and wood.

Recently I asked Peter to paint my portrait. I decided it would be nice to have something that celebrated ‘me’ at 40 – something that would exist after I didn’t anymore. Peter wanted to paint more portraits and I provided the perfect guinea pig!


Last Saturday I went to pick up my portrait and I can’t explain in words the feeling I had when I saw it, so I’m not going to try. I am instead going to harness my inner 15 year old and jump up and down on the spot, clap my hands and gush in a voice ten decibels higher that in should be… ‘Yay!!! I LOVE it!!!’ Peter did a brilliant job of celebrating ‘me’.

I love the person I’ve become because I fought to become her ~ Kaci Diane

If you would like to visit Peter’s gallery or commission him to create a beautiful portrait, you can find him humming through his brushes and paints here:

Peter Delahenty
545 Mount Dandenong Tourist Road
Olinda VIC 3788

Thanks Peter!




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