Business branding in a blue box.

Business Branding in a blue box.

This great piece of ‘prose’ landed in my inbox this morning from Seth Godin.

Put a frame around it.

Wrap it in a bow.

Serve it on ice.

What’s worth more, the frame or the poster? It turns out that a well-framed bit of graphics is often transformed, at least in the eyes of the person engaging with it. It might be the very same beautiful object that was thumbtacked to the wall, but it sure feels different.

And an unwrapped piece of jewellery is worth far less without the blue box, isn’t it?

The wrapper isn’t everything, it might not even be the point. But it matters.

‘How should I judge this,’ is something we ask ourselves all the time. When you make the effort to give us a hint, we’ll often take the hint.

~ Seth Godin

If you think about your business as a piece of jewellery and the blue box it’s wrapped in as your business branding then you can begin to understand just how important developing a memorable brand for your business actually is. It’s the wrapping, the frame, the ice and the bow that surrounds your service offering or your product. It presents ‘you’, ‘your business’ to the marketplace in the best way possible.

A brand provides a means by which a product or service can be identified, understood and appreciated and is part of both the tangible and intangible elements of every business. For example, the way your receptionist answers the phone is as important as your business card design, your website design or your latest ad campaign. All of it goes hand-in-hand, together, to form a consistent presence and as Mr Godin says, ‘The wrapper isn’t everything, it might not even be the point. But it matters’.

Yours in branding, Bree.

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