FAQs | ImageffectFor those who love to read find the answers to my FAQs below.

OR for those who want to take the millennial approach – watch the YouTube video here!

1. I’m not really sure what I want, but I want something amazing…

Absolutely! Your logo design and branding SHOULD be amazing and you should expect nothing less. We’ll climb the highest mountain peak to make sure you can stand on the top and fly confidently off the top and into your destiny!

2. But how will you design me an amazing logo when I don’t know what I want?

Logo design and branding is a very personalised process. To work out how best we can help you, Bree offers an introductory Zoom ‘Meet and Greet’ call, so she’s able to learn more about you and your business and work out how best she can help you face-to-face.

Then if we decide to work together, the funs starts with an extensive brief so she can learn all about you and your business.

Over a coffee or tea (and maybe some cake!) we’ll will ask you lots of questions about your target audience, your point of difference, your values, what makes your business tick, what makes you get up in the morning, how you are special (because we all are), favourite singer, etc.

You’ll find we’ll start to develop a story as sparks of inspiration fly across the room… promise! And as these sparks settle around us in glowing unison, we’ll start to know where to position your brand effectively for maximum impact. This is the best part.

3. Actually I have a LOT of logo ideas – I just don’t know how to articulate them.

That’s okay – this is what the brief is for.

Through a calm and creative process we’ll be able to collaboratively flesh out your ideas to guarantee the creation of an amazing logo design and brand you will totally love.

4. I want to look different from my competitors.

You absolutely should! AND its SO important!

Part of the briefing process involves looking at your competitors. Honing into what your businesses points of difference are and reflecting them visually in a unique logo design and brand.

5. I want to work directly one-on-one with the designer.

That’s good, because Bree works one-on-one with clients as the project manager AND lead designer.

This way there is no miscommunication (remember the game Chinese Whispers?) between the account manager and the designer which can often result in design work you never asked for. This would really suck, so we do our best to keep communication tight throughout our working process with you.

6. How long does the design process take until I have got my logo?

We’re usually presenting your logo design and brand identity two weeks after our briefing process. It all depends on your deadline though, we’ll work with you and your specific needs, always.

7. Which companies and industries do you work with?

Imageffect specialises in logo design and branding for SME’s from grass root start-ups all the way through to established businesses with multiple employees (we do have a soft spot for those in finance and IT). We also love to work for new and existing beauty based businesses, fashion brands and hospitality where the opportunities are endless in the creation of beautiful brand stories, logo design and packaging work.

8. How much does it all cost?

Imageffect offers a range of fixed price packages aimed at varying budgets to make sure you are offered the most suitable solution for your needs.

9. How many ideas will I see?

Depending on the package you choose it can be up to three different concept ideas with variations, plus a variety of colour options.

10. What if I don’t like your logo design and branding ideas?

There are 3 rounds of edits available after our initial presentation. That’s usually enough to complete a beautiful brand and logo design you’ll be happy with!

11. What else do you do?

Imageffect can work with you to create your entire business branding suite.

This includes your business stationery, letterheads, business cards, flyers, brochures, presentation folders, general promotional material, your signage design, packaging, your website design…

The list goes on and on.

12. Where is your business based?

Imageffect is based in Melbourne town with meeting rooms at Waterman Caribbean and Chadstone.

13. So how do we get started?

Well let’s chat. You can call me on 9758 9134 or 0419 137 723, email us on info@imageffect.com.au or send a message via my contact page.

Let’s speak soon!