An exotic new business logo design.

Selvática, Corporate Logo Design

Loving this new logo design created for my client who are opening up a coffee house and indoor plant nursery in Coburg over the new year.

With such a stunner of a name I chose a simple, clean typeface for Selvática, which in Spanish means ‘of the jungle’… oh! So wonderfully exotic!

We teemed this up with a hanging plant motif inspired by the Rhipsalis botanical family. Any my oh my, once you start researching these happy little hanging succulent plants you’ll love them too!

I can’t wait for their opening as I think several hanging baskets might just need a home! Good luck with the set-up over the next few months and I look forward to seeing it all come together! I was thrilled to hear yesterday you were ‘…dreaming up ways of getting ‘her’ (the logo) 8 foot tall on the outside of the warehouse…’

Stay tuned folks!

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