Diane Keaton, a design icon.

Diane Keaton, a design icon.

Here is the first in a series of posts which will pop-up from time to time celebrating people who inspire a creative and design oriented way of living life. My first is an ode to Diane Keaton. Eccentric, quirky, a fashion pioneer. I adore her.


  1. She has a Movie Kiss Wish List
  2. She’s nearly 70 (68) and doesn’t give two hoots about it.
  3. She’s really funny, especially if you get her drinking too much red wine on ice with Ellen.
  4. She loves hats and rocks a great beret.
  5. She made the whole men’s clothing thing look cool. I was totally into the whole sloppy suit, tie and glasses look in the early 90’s.
  6. She’s a photographer. Her first book ‘Reservations’ was published in 1980 and featured a collection of old hotel interiors. She’s also gone on to publish several more photography collections with ‘House’ and ‘California Romantica’.
  7. She’s an author and has written two books about her life, ‘Then Again’ and ‘Let’s Just Say it Wasn’t Pretty’.
  8. She’s been involved in saving and restoring historic buildings. Ennis House by Frank Lloyd Wright is one of them.
  9. She’s a strong and independent woman who has created a family beyond the traditional realm of marriage.
  10. She’s a bit ‘kooky’. Love it!
  11. Woody Allen has described her acting as a ‘nervous breakdown in slow motion’.
  12. She’s directed several music videos, television films and series such as China Beach and Twin Peaks.
  13. She thinks the old maid myth is garbage.
  14. She’s an opponent to Plastic Surgery. Thank you Diane!
  15. I always feel happy after watching her films.

In the coming months I’ll be looking for new beings of inspiration to fill these pages but until next time I’m keeping busy designing my own creative life. Enjoy!

Image by Annie Leibovitz

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