Creating a great business brand.

Creating a great business brand.

Brands often desire to tell a story of craftsmanship because it highlights key characteristics that make a product feel more exclusive while also highlighting other qualities ~ Amanda Rue, Carrot Creative, New York

I love this video from Marc Jacobs. LOVE IT! I feel happy watching it, strangely soothed. Why is this? I know I’m partial to a good handbag but my reasons go beyond fashion…

It’s the story of craftsmanship. This video beautifully captures the craft of manufacture in a way that is unique to a world where technology smothers us with speedy production processes, multiple product lines and delivery in the timeframe of NOW! This bag ends up being more than just a bag, it’s a ‘piece’. Your own beautiful, handmade, Italian companion. Made for you and only you. That’s ultimately why I feel happy watching the video, it makes me feel special and this in turn makes me want to be part of the Marc Jacobs brand… so I buy the bag.

Do you have a story to tell about your business or product? How can you highlight what it is you do in a way that makes your business exclusive? A way that enables your customers to understand they are more than just a number, more than just another client. How can you let your customers know that your product has it’s own personalised narrative that goes beyond being utilitarian, one that will ultimately lead them to being part of your great business brand? Would love to hear your thoughts.



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