My Christmas wish list.

My Christmas wish list.

I’m finishing work up for 2014 today. It’s always such a rush leading up to now, I’m often really, really tired. Work commitments, design presentations before Christmas, business preparation for 2015, kids stuff, excursions, an endless pile of school paperwork, Christmas shopping, planning, family… the list goes on. Usually this is where we all say ENOUGH! I. Need. To. Stop.

So… here is my list. Are you listening Santa? This is what I wish for.

  1. To eat like a crazy woman on Christmas day. Note to self: Loose fitting clothing required.
  2. To spend quality time with my 10 year old, cooking, talking, wandering… no mobile.
  3. To make a perfect steamed Plum Pudding!
  4. To share, to give.
  5. To spend time with my ever supportive husband.
  6. To work on my hand lettering and illustration work.
  7. To sit in the sunshine.
  8. To go on a family picnic.
  9. To behave like a cat for a whole day.
  10. To pick flowers.
  11. To sit by a rushing cool river on a hot day.
  12. To jump under waves.
  13. To jam with my bro on Christmas day.
  14. To celebrate my health and good fortune.
  15. To watch the kids frolic in their grandparents’ pool.
  16. To sing a Christmas carol with my Dad around his piano.
  17. To play my guitar.
  18. To further develop concepts for my new stationery brand ‘Whimsie’.
  19. To be an encouraging step-mum.
  20. To count my blessings.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Peace.

Bree x

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  1. KP
     ·  Reply

    This is such a lovely list of inspiration for all of us to join in and write Bree.

    Here’s to a really exciting and fun 2015 for Imageffect and Whimsie!

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