Boon Beans logo design.

Boon Beans, Corporate Logo Design

This new Logo for Boon Beans was great fun to create!

I believe that stories sell product. If you can connect with the consumer through a story that evokes a visual image they can see in their minds, you’re half way there. Here is a snippet of the creative synopsis that accompanied the initial logo design presentation for Boon Beans.

‘The logo concept is based on the idea of ‘friendship’ – coming together and uniting over Boon Beans coffee. It could also be said that in introducing ‘Ethiopian’ coffee into an Australian market, two cultures are also united.

The icon references a found Ethiopian Adrinka visual symbol which represents ‘two good friends’.

The typeface is bold and modern with an emphasis on the word ‘Boon’ because it’s interesting and different and will attract the eye before the word ‘Beans’, which I think should be secondary. The painterly elements around the edges of the logo reflect an earthy feel.’

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