Bohemian Melbourne, I love you.

Bohemian Melbourne, I love you

Melbourne I love you.
I love your bluestone alleys and your eclectic cafe scene.
I love your theatres.
I love your creative sub-cultures and the peeps who inhabit them.
I love your rebellious streak.
I love your decaying shop signage and your ode to vintage.
I love your street art.
I love that I’m always interested in you.

For the last 3 months the creative community of Melbourne has been celebrated in an exhibition of bohemian culture at the State Library – ‘Bohemian Melbourne’. I had been meaning to see this exhibit over the Christmas holidays but I never made it. I’m so glad I went last weekend.

Oh to have been in Mirka and Georges Mora’s studio in 50’s Melbourne! To have witnessed Barry Humphries freak out the Melbourne gentry with his penchant for shocking street performance. To have drunk coffee with Vali Myers in the 90’s. To have lived in a share house in the early days of Nick Cave’s career. To have been at the Sunbury Music Festival in the 70’s… it was all just. Too. Cool.

The creative pockets of Melbourne are still bubbling away… I ask that you support actors, artists, musicians and designers local to you so that in the future someone will want to exhibit today’s generation of Bohemian Melbourne.

Unfortunately the exhibition ended last Sunday but if you’d like to know what it was all about this is a good review.

Image source: A collage created by me featuring a photo of the bohemian muse, Vali Myers (Liz Ham, 1997)


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