An Australian influenced logo design.


I recently created a logo design for Ozsourced, an outsourcing solution to support the growth of Australian small businesses.

Initially I felt there was a risk with a business name that contained a colloquial definition of Australia, so I was keen to make sure that the identity referenced Australia without looking clichéd. We said a big NO to maps, a green and gold colour palette or any references to the Southern Cross, Koalas or Kangaroos!

Instead, the design style was influenced by the work of a well-known Australian artist – Ken Done. Both the client and I are big, big fans! See my post on Ken here.

Ozsourced Corporate Logo DesignStudio Reef, Ken Done

Ozsourced Corporate Logo DesignChinamans Beach January 1, Ken Done

Done’s abstract shapes and colour palette are well known in Australia and overseas for their informal, bright and fun references of Australian landscapes and life. It felt like the perfect combination to represent Ozsourced as genuine and fresh.

The concept uses a hand lettered style for the word ‘Oz’. I love this because it’s so unique and further reflects that ‘carefree’ Australian culture that is so distinct and memorable, while still being clean and professional.

Colours again reflect the Australian landscape, the rusty coloured desert, the green hills, the ocean waves, the sand and that big expanse of blue sky.

I enjoyed working on this project and being able to harness the beauty of colour and research (again) the work of one of my favourite artists. If you’d like to know more about Ozsourced you can visit their site here.

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