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The studio has worked with the lovely peeps at All Graduates on a range of projects over the last 18 months. So firstly, thank you to them for trusting us to take them on a design journey that has involved a number of projects which have included brand identity and logo design, print and digital design. It’s been great to be involved from the start and we love new ideas and learning about how a new product or service can benefit the greater community.

Sometimes though, it’s not about ‘re-inventing the wheel’. After completing other brand development work for new divisions of All Graduates it was time to re-visit the hero brand identity and bring it into line with a professional feel more suited to the high levels of growth All Graduates has experienced over the last few years.

The client felt the logo design was dated and yet they were still attached to the icon. This is an important element to note. Are we as designers always ready to push the envelope and create from a completely clean slate? No, not always. If a brand is recognised within an industry via an icon or even a colour palette it’s very important to honour this and carry it through the branding process and into the new identity.

All Graduates Old Logo


In this case, we considered how we could make subtle changes while still maintaining the original design. We introduced a more modern font, the curved edges a deliberate choice to create a more friendly and welcoming feel. The icon was also slightly edited to include a rounder edge and colours were deepened. The new identity also included imagery to support the professional feel of the new brand.

All Graduates | Corporate Logo Design | Business Branding | Stationery Design | Business Card Design | Website Design

All Graduates & Lime Logo Design and BrandingOverall. A very simple and effective update. The logo was moved from being a dated and somewhat clunky logo to a much more professional and elegant mark. It now sits comfortably alongside the newer branded divisions of All Graduates and has answered the clients’ original concerns.

Looking forward to our continued work together.

All Graduates & Lime Logo Design and BrandingView Full Project Here: All Graduates

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