A designer outside the office.

Lost Frederick McCubbin 1886

I’m constantly ‘on’ as a designer, even when I’m not in the studio. My focus when out in nature revolves around colour. The myriad of greens within a collection of trees, the vibrant colour of flowers and the changing colour of the sky over a days walk. So beautiful.

My family and I recently did a walk through Ferny Creek in the Dandenong Ranges and this image of me in my pink dress and hat happened.

Though I was not on my own, or lost, the image does remind me a bit of a painting of my childhood – ‘Lost’, the iconic early Australian painting by Frederick McCubbin, 1886.

I grew up with this print on my parents bedroom wall. It scared me because the landscape I was surrounded by on the Mornington Peninsula was similar to that of the painting and my wild imagination would place me there, lost, hopeless and on my own. Just like Clara Crosbie, a Lilydale girl who went missing in the bush and inspired this painting.

Lost Frederick McCubbin 1886

That said, I think my version is somewhat brighter! I was actually making sure my daughter and her friend were still on the path and hadn’t taken a short cut into the prickly brambles on either side. My husband was behind me and our little dog Bonnie was walking in front, mesmerised by an orgy of smells.

Ahhh… the sweet ramblings of a Sunday afternoon.

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